Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot by Patrizio Evangelisti

These are all decks that I personally own and use. Okay so I might be biased because I am studying Thoth, so I am naturally going to be recommending anything Golden Dawn related. But heck there is no denying that the Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot by Patrizio Evangelisti is a stunner.  It is quite funny to read reviews and the repeated reference to the abundance of boobs (good and bad) but it is nothing that you won’t be used to if you are a fan of comic books in the first place. It is worth it to have the deck for the epic interpretation of the court cards. I have never seen them imagined in such full glory before.

The Hermetic Tarot is a new one for me, but even with a quick glance you can see how great it will be as an addition to studying Thoth and anything Golden Dawn related, and yes that is RWS too. astrology heavy, and if you continue reading this, you will see that it is just my cup of tea right now.

Speaking of, The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck is one of the nicest versions of the RWS deck I have seen (besides my old school vintage deck which I can’t help but love over anything else). But I am really happy to have this one in my rotation.

Want to learn Astrology? Then look no further than Starcodes Astro Oracle Cards – by Lucas Lua De Souza + Heather Roan Robbins. I wouldn’t say ashamed is the right word, but it is edging on it simply because I can’t imagine how I ever thought I could read or understand tarot without the astrology (big duh moment for me there). Reading the little white book included in this deck, magically gifted me with more knowledge and understanding about astrology than I had ever been able to get on my admittedly brief and not very intenstive past investigation into astrology. The duh moment came when I realised astrology isn’t necessarily about you embodying the energy of the star sign or planet according to your birth date, it’s very much, for me anyway, more about a way of describing an archetype of an energy. Which of course, that is how the tarot plays out and reads over and over.

Although I am learning the tree of life which Thoth, I still can’t really say that I am actually drawn to reading or understanding the Angelarium Oracle of Emanations Deck deeply, although I do know a lot of people do. The art work is unsurpassed in my eyes. Absolutely disgustingly beautiful. I did a flip through of it when I first got it, and had zero understanding of the tree of life which you might be able to tell in what I am saying haha. No matter why you own it, for reading or just as a GORGEOUS deck, it is definitely one for your collection.

Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan is one I can not stop raving about! People ADORE it, simply LOVE it. I would almost rate it as one of the best overall decks I have come across. The book is intensive and the art is superb. I don’t even use it and I still say that! My partner reads for me and his family with it so I do get to interact with it anyway. I think that it is a very personal deck and in fact, it would be one that I could imagine would stand up to being the one and only deck people have and it would leave them wanting nothing more. I sell a lot, and get a lot of feedback. It is definitely up there with the greats!

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards…. Need I say even that much about it? Stunning artwork, winner of many a prize and heart. I did a flip through of this one too and to be honest, I only just recently got myself a deck. I planned to use it as an addition to my readings, at the end to help round off the harshness of a Thoth reading (if you know you know) but as it turns out. I have actually gravitated to using it more for myself than anyone. I am a long time fan of Lemurian Seeds, I don’t know why, but they instantly give me the feels and I was not so surprised that meditating on these cards gave me an instant jet into the ether. The guidebook is one that is packed full of glorious words and ideas and basically everything you need to find your path in the current new age ‘trend’ of what seems to be going down universally. No wonder it has received such acclaim.

I actually DO use the Visions of the Soul Meditation and Portal Cards as a nice end of a reading though for bit of homework and something to think about. Designed by @kimdreyerart, I actually can’t praise them enough and I love using them. Great when you need a bit of intense spiritual spritz in your life and readings. These are a deck that I plan on studying a lot more, in fact I would love to aim to do entire readings with them… I really do like them a great deal.

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Card Set. These are great and they suit my arms. End of review. (I also did a flip through of these.)

And last of all Mystical Dream Tarot Cards + Guide Book. I was instantly drawn to the art work and had an overwhelming feeling that they just WERE the dreamscape. Every single card just seems like a perfect reflection of a dream. I felt like she really knew her stuff and on further investigation, turns out I was right. “Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist, complementary health care consultant and ordained minister who has spent a lifetime studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream and shamanic experiences. She holds doctorates in biology and transpersonal psychology, and studied under Stanley Krippner, the world-renowned dream psychologist.”