30 Minute Zoom Tarot Reading


I would love to give you a call on zoom and do a tarot reading for you.

30 Minute Tarot Reading

Predominantly I use Crowley’s Thoth deck (as I find it is the most blunt and doesn’t mess around!) Once I am tuned into your vibe, the downloads start and it’s all on. Although I always say what I see and feel, I am also considerate and always try to make people feel safe and looked after. I can read the room as well as cards!

I am very casual and I like to carry out my readings in a chill energy, I can choose different spreads to answer things that come up along the way. I’m not afraid of pulling as many cards as needed to give you a reading that leaves you satisfied and hopefully a lot more clear headed than you were coming into it. I will answer one or two questions, or we can talk about a topic and I will help you focus in on appropriate questions.

I am more than happy to chat to you beforehand so you are comfortable about what a reading is about and what it can and can’t do before you book with me. Send me some mail through my contact form, or join me on insta @elliott.pop

Often I am called to pull a final card, usually an oracle card, as a kind of homework and something for you to take away and think about. I do have a whole lot of decks so I can use whatever I am feeling is correct at the time.

You get out of tarot readings what we both put in, on my side I can guarantee that I am going to bring my A game, and I ask that you have an open mind and a clear and direct question or topic in your mind.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

I can sometimes do a reading in person at my shop which is open by appointment in Orewa, Auckland. Auckland. But mostly I prefer to set up a Zoom meeting, I do that often and I love it just as much as in person.

You can also arrange a tarot reading with an Astrological Natal Reading background for $120. This will just take a little longer to arrange and I need your exact time of birth.


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