Altar Bell | Celestial Sun + Moon


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Celestial Bell 3cm x 4cm

I have a few and they all sound different! You can let me know if you want a higher or lower sounding kind of vibe if you want.



Altar Bell | Celestial Sun Moon

Every time a bell rings, it indicates a change in the fabric of the universe.  Wind chimes twinkling outside a witch’s home tells them of shifting air fronts and a possible storm.  The otherwise silent cat who wears a bell around his neck reveals his presence with a jingle.  A doorbell rings, announcing a guest.  Bells also ring to mark the changing of the hour.

But bells don’t only point out physical changes.  Their sound also marks an energetic change as well.  There’s something about the simple ringing of a bell that changes the energy of a space.  This can be felt when priestess rings a bell to move her coven from the mundane to the magical, or during the ringing of a funeral bell.

The bell has been a witchy tool since time immemorial. [Starlight Witch | Astrea]

Cleanse the Energy of a Space
Invoke Spirits
Banish Spirits
Seal The Magic In
Protect Your Home
Attune Your Energy and Stay Healthy
Connect with Certain Deities
Celebrate the Liminal

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