Bad Ass Black Crystal Ball Free Black Obsidian/Clear Quartz

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This large, black crystal ball is not only a powerful tool in fortune telling and scrying, but also just outright looks bad ass.

I could never let this leave my hands without offering a companion Black Obsidian or Clear Quartz. If you want to go full Black Crystal Ball Magik Vibes then you need the Black Obsidian (because it would compliment these activities perfectly). But at the same time, I am all about keeping safe and being careful… maybe a Clear Quartz is also in order? I know it might seem fun to only play with the darker side of things, but to compliment it with some light is the smart thing to do.

But still, I am not your Mum (probably) and you really can do whatever you want… But I wouldn’t be a responsible mystical representitive if I didn’t at least put these thoughts out there too!

If you just want this because it is ridiculously cool, then the Black Obsidian and the Clear Quartz also look cool so it’s a win/win situation all over really.


Interested in what the cards want you to know today? Have a look at your daily card here. If you are interested in learning a bit more about reading tarot, I have some helpful links here.


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