Black Madagascan Moonstone Chunk | Rough/Natural | B


This variety of Moonstone has many metaphysical properties in common with other colors of Moonstone. But The darker moonstone also boosts coincidence and synchronicity to flow in your life.

Although it is black it looks quite different when you move the stone, as you see flashes of the lovely silvery grey color.

Black moonstone has the meaning of birth or new life. This is due to the ancient association that was made within certain native tribes where a black moon was connected to a new moon during the monthly lunar cycle. A new moon is the opposite of a full moon and therefore can’t be seen as the night sky appears completely void of this celestial body and black. As a new moon progresses throughout the monthly lunar cycle, more and more of the moon becomes visible and it, therefore, grows into maturity in the night sky.

Thus, black moonstone is associated with the first stage of the lunar cycle which is a new moon which is also associated with the first stage of a human’s life which is birth. With this in mind, it can be associated with anything having to relate to a sense of newness such as the first day of school or a job, the fresh start on a journey whether it be spiritual or physical, and of course a new birth in a plant or animal.

Black Moonstone is a powerful tool used in meditation as it connects you to the specific spirit guides you may need to assist you, and also provide psychic protection.



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OUR CRYSTALS (yours and mine)

I believe that people need to feel some kind of connection with any crystals that they purchase, which is why I always take photos of the actual item that you are going to be delivered.

You won’t be getting a crystal that I randomly pulled out of a box! You purchased this item for a reason, and it is exactly what you will get.

You won’t be getting a crystal that I randomly pulled out of a box! You purchased this item for a reason, and it is exactly what you will get.You won’t be getting a random crystal that I just pulled out of a box! Also you can bet they will see every full moon that comes by when I have them! I consciously look after all my crystals until it is time for them to be sold and I can guarantee they all have a great vibe.


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