Copper Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting and Divination


Pair of Copper Dowsing Rods used for dowsing and divination. Finding anything from water to paranormal activity and all things in between! These are brushed copper, so they have a bit of texture here and there instead of being polished all over.

Dowsing rods are another basic tool often used by curious paranormalists. A little less technical than some of the other equipment; but, sometimes more reactive than some of the newer equipment.They are two rods in an L shape and have tubes on the short side of the L shape. You hold one in each hand and they can cross, separate, or remain in the same position. The way they are supposed to be held is by the tube perpendicular to the ground, letting the actual rod move freely. After the technique of holding the rod is mastered, you establish what a “yes” response is and what a “no” response is. After that, you have free range of what questions you can ask the local spirits. Check out Connecting with Spirits: Using Copper Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting in New Zealand for more information and instructions.

Copper Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting and Divination

Dowsing is the ability of seeking answers and interpreting them by using dowsing rods or a pendulum. Dowsing is widely used as a simple, but effective, way of searching for anything from lost coins, water, and geophysical surveys to finding ghosts.

Everyone one is born with the capability to dowse. Some will obtain the dowsing reaction immediately while others may have to practice for a while before they will see results.

Dowsing has been used for many centuries by many different cultures. The L-shaped rod is probably the most ancient of all dowsing instruments. The word “Dowsing” means to use a rod or pendulum to find something. It was a method used when searching for water and minerals. In our modern day, large oil companies, police forces, mining operations and farmers employ skilled dowsers. After World War I and during the Vietnam War dowsers equipped with rods were used to locate booby traps and underground tunnels.

Both animate and inanimate objects have energy fields. Everything that exists in the universe is ultimately pure energy that gives off a vibrational frequency. This would include every particle, thought, word, emotion, object and experience. When you dowse for a target you tune into its frequency. The response from the rods means you are reflecting energy back to yourself for interpretation.

Through experimenting and research in dowsing has led us to believe that the dowser responds to electromagnetic fields given off by the object that is sought.

The proper way to hold the dowsing rods is to take the L-shape rod and with the shorter end hold them lightly in your hands with your thumb bent down across the fingers. Do not place the thumbs over the bent end of the handle or it will restrict movement of the rods. Do not grip too tightly, but hold them tight enough to keep the rods parallel and loose enough for them to move. To test the “yes and no” response, ask the rods to show you the “yes” position and they should cross each other. When you ask for the “no” position they should turn out away from each other. If for some reason you get the opposite response then you much remember the signals have been changed and for this day you will get the rods crossing for “no” and them pointing away from each other for yes. We are all different and that’s why it is important to do the test response before starting the dowsing.

OUR CRYSTALS (yours and mine)

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