Crown Chakra Singing Bowl


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Crown Chakra Singing Bowl


Energetically, Quantum Quattro is a transformation stone that has a dramatic effect on the energy field. It assists cleansing and detoxification on all levels of being, absorbing negative energies, and bringing in a positive vibration.

Emotionally, Quantum Quattro is a powerful heart healer, activating the higher Heart Chakra and releasing heartache. It reverses destructive emotional programming and draws out negative emotions, including old wounds and forgotten hurts, and dissolves grief, sorrow, and feelings of betrayal and abandonment. Quantum Quattro is extremely helpful to relationships that have become unsteady or for those who are desperate for love. It teaches that difficulties in a relationship are mirrors of an inner separation from the self. It repairs this link and draws in love at all levels.

Mentally/Psychologically, Quantum Quattro supports a positive attitude towards life. It encourages inner strength, personal power, and creativity. It helps to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns, showing how to leave behind that which no longer serves you. It teaches how to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and feelings. It helps you to peacefully accept situations that are constantly changing, and will help show you what to do next when in need of direction. It helps to break the cycle of co-dependence in addictions or obsessive relationships. It releases one’s need to control another, and helps partners realize they can neither help the addict nor control their behavior. It encourages standing quietly by while the other soul follows its journey, but also indicates when intervention would be a good idea. [The magic is in you]

Whenever you feel like something’s off and you’re out of alignment, this stone will help you correct the imbalance. Quantum Quattro Silica is a great stone for communicating and imparting spiritual information

OUR CRYSTALS (yours and mine)

Believing in the importance of a true connection between people and the crystals they purchase, I always capture photos of the exact pieces that are for sale (sometimes too many!?). No random selections here – each piece is carefully kept in a specific place waiting to be sent out.

I take dedicated care of these crystals until they’re ready to find their new owners, ensuring they emanate the most positive of all the vibes. They bask in the light of every full moon and undergo regular cleansing rituals. I treat them all as my friends and I hold a deep affection for each and every one. I invest significant time and energy guarding them, carefully holding onto them until they reach your hands and you can spark your personal magick into them!

I use overnight or the fastest option with New Zealand Post Couriers, and you will get an email updating you at every point it’s been scanned on it’s journey.


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