Dried Organic Elecampane Root for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual


10 grams
Wish Granting
Love and Self Love Magick
Hex Breaking
Manifestation and Attraction
Clearing and Purification Magick
Courage and Confidence
Protection and Banishing Magick

Dried Organic Elecampane Root for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual

Elecampane (Inula helenium)

Elecampane is a powerful herb for banishing and dispelling negative or violent energies. When placed in a sachet and worn, the flowers attract love. As a magical herb, Elecampane has a strong connection with the realm of Elves and Fae Folk so don’t be surprised they lend a hand to what eventuates.

They are also useful for protection and blessing newborn children. Hide a sachet or sprinkle Elecampane it around doorways to keep negativity out of your house. Grind the dried herb with Hibiscus and Passion Flowers to create a powerful love charm powder. Smolder the on charcoal to boost psychic abilities and tune into one’s clairvoyance and intuitions, especially when scrying.

There are herbs that work better over the long-run (such as Hawthorn) and there are herbs that work very effectively in a short amount of time. Elecampane is one of those quick-acting herbs.

The Russian name for Elecampane is de-via-sil which apparently means “magic power”. Scattering the dried root about the home would also attract the work of the good fairies. Use to awaken the second sight, psychic powers and lines of communication between you, the Good Folk, and local land spirits. The herb is strongly protective and can be worn as an amulet. The root can be burned as a protective incense and to neutralize negative energy.

It’s Mercurial nature lends itself well to trancework and shifting shapes. Since it is an herb of Mercury it is also associated with the Magician card in Tarot.

To use with any ritual, work or magick related to:
Energy: Masculine
Planet: Mercury, Sun
Element: Earth
Astrological: Gemini
Chakra Associations: Third Eye, Heart


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