Dried Organic Liquorice Root for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual


10 grams
Manifestation and Attraction
Love and Self Love Magick
Courage and Confidence
Wish Granting

Dried Organic Liquorice Root for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual

Liquorice (Gylcyrrhiza glabra)

Liquorice has a long history of being utilized in control and compulsion spells. The ethics of these kinds of endeavours are debatable, so please act with caution. However, when applying for a new job or in manifestation and affirmation work, this could be beneficial… as long as you are knowledgeable in the positive and negative sides of manifestation!

Both European lore as well as Hoodoo practising systems use Liquorice in love and lust magic. It is often used in spells that compel another to follow you or do your bidding. Used for taking control over situations and for spells of domination.

I would recommend only using Liquorice with only the most positive of intent. Used in this way, it’s ability to bind and heighten power in spell work means that it is a very, very powerful aid in all things related to magick especially in the manifesting and love realm.

It has also been used to ease the path of the dead.

To use with any ritual, work or magick related to:
Energy: Male

Planet: Mercury, Venus
Element: Fire
Astrological: Virgo, Gemini
Chakra Associations: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral


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