Dried Wormwood for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual


10 grams
Spirit Communication and Mystic Work
Hedge Riding
Psychic Power Development and Enhancement
Lucid Dreaming
Love and Self Love Magick
Courage and Confidence
Clearing and Purification Magick
Protection and Banishing Magic
Hex Breaking

Dried Wormwood for Witchcraft, Magick and Ritual

Absinthe Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum)

Wormwood, named after the Greek goddess Artemis, is commonly used in magick to develop and enhance psychic awareness and intuition. Wormwood is a powerful spirit herb often used in communicating with spirits. It will enhance meditation allowing one to connect more freely with the deceased and tuning us in with the soul of loved ones who has already left Earth. It can be used in rituals performed with or for those that are dying, to ease their transition and enable them to let go and be released from this plane so they may find peace.

Burn as an incenses to raise you to a higher level of psychic awareness, aid in divination and clairvoyance. It can be mixed with Mugwort for particularly potent incense. This makes it the best option to use before doing a Tarot reading since we will be much clearer mentally thanks to the activation of perception. It is an all round great herb to work with in any sort of Hedge Riding rituals.

There is a very popular legend about Wormwood, legend states that if you burn the plant at a graveyard, it will summon the spirit of the departed. If wormwood is carried in a sachet or charm bag, it protects against bewitchment.

This baneful herb was also worked into enchantments for love.

Wormwood flowers and leaves can be added to magical sachets for protection against accidents. Wormwood may also be used in spells to send harmful magic back on its sender. Use in spells for binding, exorcism and protection and to purify any negative energy.

Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. It is used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses, initiation rites and tests of courage and to aid envocation, divination, scrying, and prophecy.

To use with any ritual, work or magick related to:
Energy: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire, Air
Astrological: Gemini
Chakra Associations: Crown, Third Eye


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