Feng Shui | 3 Coin Set


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1 set of 3 coins tied together with red ribbon.

Feng Shui coins are used in general for attracting wealth and prosperity depending on which school of feng shui you follow. Coins are generally arranged in sets of three, tied together with a red ribbon, symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and heaven called the Tien-di-Ren.

Feng Shui | 3 Coin Set


The Chinese practice of Feng Shui is known to bring peace, prosperity and positivity in a person’s life. Whether it is interpersonal relationships or professional upliftment, using the practices and tools of Feng Shui, one can achieve great things. One of the most important tools to receive good fortune and abundance is the Chinese coins.

Yin and Yang Sides
The fronts of the coins, the yang side, are inscribed with four characters, flanking the four sides of the opening. This is the side that should always face out when the coins are used for feng shui. The back of each of these coins, the yin side, has two characters.. Yang characters denote the dynasty and the sentiment of the emperor — common calligraphy words are peace, prosperity, and protection.

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OUR CRYSTALS (yours and mine)

I belive that people need to feel some kind of connection with any crystals that they purchase, which is why I always take photos of the actual item that you are going to be delivered.

You won’t be getting a random crystal that I just pulled out of a box! Also you can bet they will see every full moon that comes by when I have them! I consciously look after all my crystals until it is time for them to be sold and I can guarantee they all have a great vibe.

I use New Zealand Couriers for my deliveries, you will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as I have it ready to be picked up. Then again everytime it has been scanned at each point in it’s journey to you.


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