Ghost Chaser / Espanta Muerto Bath Salts for Protection and Clearing


40 grams of Blend. Only a spoon is needed in a bath, a lot goes a long way.

When incorporated into a cleansing bath, spray or ritual bowl the Espanta Muerto herb’s benefits are manifold. The ritualistic act of bathing with this herb, mixed harmoniously with Black and Pink Rock Salt and a carefully curated selection of herbs developed over a span of 8 months, results in a potent elixir for spiritual purification. As warm water infused with the herb’s essence envelops the bather, it is believed that negative spiritual forces are gently dislodged and repelled. The combination of Espanta Muerto and Black Rock Salt serves as a dynamic duo, purifying not only the body but also the mind and spirit. These ingredients have also been supported and sat in the energies of Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian for quite some time and finally been joined with Epsom Salts as the base to use in a bath or to create your own spray or cleansing water. This ritual is thought to create a protective barrier, shielding individuals from the influences of dark energies and potentially harmful entities.

Ghost Chaser / Espanta Muerto Bath Salts for Protection and Clearing

The Espanta Muerto herb, known colloquially as Ghost Chaser, holds a rich history steeped in spiritual traditions and folk practices. Originating from  Afro-Caribbean religions, this potent herb has been revered for its unique ability to ward off negative spiritual forces and cleanse one’s aura. Its usage in rituals and cleansing baths can also be traced back to early Santeria practices that believed in its power to repel malevolent entities. Passed down through generations, the Espanta Muerto herb has evolved into a vital component of spiritual practices aimed at protection, exorcism, and the dispelling of bad energies.

The process of crafting this ritualistic blend came naturally through intuition and needing to use it in my practice. Each herb worked with and processed over 8 months is chosen with a specific purpose, contributing to the overall potency of the concoction. As the mixture has been carefully prepared and imbued with intention, it has become a vessel of spiritual power. This unique blend, when used in conjunction with the Espanta Muerto herb, symbolizes the culmination of ancient wisdom and modern intention. Its application goes beyond mere superstition; it represents a profound connection to the spiritual realm, offering practitioners a tangible means of protection, exorcism, and the repulsion of negative entities and energies. Please know that this is intended to be used in conjuction with your own spiritual practice, beliefs and knowledge of what these ingredients can do for you personally.


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