In Dreams Oracle Cards by Russian fantasy artist Boris Indrikov

… A painting is a door to a parallel world. A world where everything is different. Other laws, other lines and forms.

This is my world. Perhaps I came from it and will return to it …

… You took brushes and paints, went up to the canvas – from the other side of the canvas they are already looking forward to your first stroke, it’s like a snake biting its own tail. Creating a picture, you close the next cycle of CREATION of this world.

… An artist is a mysterious creature, “God’s pipe”, a conductor vibrating from the flow of information flowing through him. “… And like a needle in a compass you were trembling…”. Feeling of creative itching and impatience, pregnancy unembodied, torment and doubts about what has been done, and, at the same time, a complete buzz from the process as such.

This is how an artist lives…

… Picture – is a door into a parallel world. That is a world where all things are different. There are other laws, other lines and shapes.

This is my world. Maybe I came from there and I will come back …

… You took brushes and paints, came up to a canvas – from the other side of the canvas somebody has already looked forward to your first stroke, this is like a snake biting its own tail. By creating a picture, you complete another CREATION cycle of this world.

… Artist – is a mysterious creature, “God’s pipe”, agent, He is vibrating because of the stream of information which is flowing through him. “… And he was trembling like a needle in the compass…”. There is a feeling of creative itch and impatience, unembodied pregnancy, pangs and doubts about things that you have done, and, at the same time, you are full of pleasure from the process in itself.

It’s kind of the artist’s living…


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