Laxmi Dhoop Incense


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A box contains approximately 40g of dhoop, extruded as eight 3 inch (8cm) long sticks, each of which can easily burn for 90 minutes (an hour and a half), depending on conditions and the shape used.

If you haven’t tried dhoop before, you are missing out! This stuff burns so brilliantly and it is great to have control over the size and shape of what is being burnt and of course it smells amazing.

Laxmi Dhoop Incense

Laxmi Dhoop (made by Surya Devya Enterprises on behalf of the world-famous Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory) is a soft, very dark brown / black incense originally designed to be burnt as a pooja (a ceremony or offering), in honour of Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.

It looks like small sticks of liquorice, but has a texture similar to slightly sticky plasticine… so you can mould it to whatever shape you like, although it burns best as a stick or thin cone.

The fragrance is fresh and slightly resinous, consisting of loban (benzoin), with a touch of bergamot and lavender. It’s quite distinctive and individual – the essence of summer in India!

“The burning of incense is as old as India itself. From times immemorial, exotic aromas and scents have been a part of the Indian way of life, whether it be a religious offering or an aid to meditation. Wisdom has played a vital part in life. People have learned and gained from ancient traditions. Earth, fire, air, water and space are the main constituents of life. The same concept applies in producing incense. Incense transmits purity and develops romantic atmosphere. Incense is burnt to purify and cleanse the air of unpleasant odours, to signal the dawn or end of a day. It brings solace to the weary and stimulation to the mind and senses. The incense sticks and wide variety of fragrances from Mysore Sugandhi contain special formulas handed down from generations to bring joy and heart filled contentment in life.”

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