Lodolite (Shamanic Dream Stone) Quartz Mini Point


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This Quartz has many magical properties and is an extremely powerful, spiritually-oriented crystal. It often attunes users to it’s own energy first, and then after it becomes more familiar with the user’s energy patterns will begin to magnify all other energies around it.

Lodolite (Shamanic Dream Stone) Quartz Mini Point


Lodolite, Scenic Quartz, Shamanic Dream Stone is Clear Quartz with other minerals inside (inclusions), which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite, Rose and Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and many other minerals that are green, maroon, cream, orange, brown, and other colors. It can also feature a black crystalline form of Amethyst. In mineralogical circles, Lodolite is often referred to as Phantom Quartz.

Some of these Included Quartz contain green inclusions, which are usually Chlorite, others are reddish or dark dust, meaning Iron is present. Others may contain wisps of Citrine or Smokey Quartz, while a few may even have rutile threads in them. These Rutilated Inclusions are incredibly rare, however.

This Crystal are great visualization and manifesting tools. Their naturally charged scenery contained inside help raise spiritual healing vibrations which enables connection & communication with spirit guides. Healers call these gems “Worlds Within Stone.” When sitting and connecting with the inclusions one can see deeply or enter dream state easily with practice. Slowly, staring into the crystal becomes mesmerising and with practice and confidence one can allow one’s vision to ‘slip’ revealing, to the sub-conscious mind, areas or issues in one’s life where attention may need to be focused. This is a form of scrying.

Shamanic Dream Stone is a great companion for those who seek greater spiritual insight. It assists deep karmic healing related to past lives, connects one to the energies of the mystical realm, and amplifies properties of other crystals inclusions within the stone. It also helps with deep emotional healing through meditation and visualization techniques. Lodolite can help boost channeling energy that eases manifestation of desires and facilitates deep meditative states where one can deal with life trauma. For anyone looking for new ways to work on spirituality or simply seeking connection, this is an ideal friend to have by your side as you explore your potentials.

A great companion stone for those who seek greater spiritual insight
Assists deep karmic healing related to past lives
Connects one to the energies of the mystical realm
Stimulates spiritual growth, thought, perception, and awareness
Boosts the Aura
Helps one connect to the ethereal planes
Promotes an understanding of the impermanence of body consciousness
Brings energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires
Enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane
Brings knowledge from past lives
Radiates loving energy and gentle strength
Helps one get into the meditative state
Stimulates Lucid Dreaming and Visualization
Amplifies the properties of the other crystal inclusions within the stone
Boost the channeling the energies to ease the manifestation of one’s desires
Facilitates deep emotional healing through meditation
Helps one deal with life trauma through enhanced meditation and visualization techniques [Mystic Crystals]

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Believing in the importance of a true connection between people and the crystals they purchase, I always capture photos of the exact pieces that are for sale (sometimes too many!?). No random selections here – each piece is carefully kept in a specific place waiting to be sent out.

I take dedicated care of these crystals until they’re ready to find their new owners, ensuring they emanate the most positive of all the vibes. They bask in the light of every full moon and undergo regular cleansing rituals. I treat them all as my friends and I hold a deep affection for each and every one. I invest significant time and energy guarding them, carefully holding onto them until they reach your hands and you can spark your personal magick into them!

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