Mookaite Jasper Massive Rough Chunk


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Mookaite is an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone that is gaining popularity worldwide for its therapeutic properties and ability to empower one to feel and connect with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy currents. It has an energizing frequency of power and vitality, and it boosts Life Force in the physical body. It allows you to channel this good energy to strengthen your willpower and focus on your power. Mookaite encourages an ageless spirit open to change and new experiences, as well as reawakening one’s inherent instincts for determining the best course of action.

Mookaite Jasper Massive Rough Chunk


The discovery and naming of this stone took place in Western Australia’s Kennedy Ranges, specifically near Mooka Creek. This Australian Jasper has a robust and earthy beauty. Mookaite Jasper is also a powerful healing stone that links a person to the Earth’s beneficial energies. This indigenous stone is also known as the Mother Earth stone, and it is a famous gemstone worldwide due to its powerful healing properties and ability to link with the Earth’s energy.

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper of bold, earthy beauty with a fiery fusion of red and yellow energies. The word “Mooka” means running waters, this name was given to the stone because of the beautiful natural running waters in its place of origin. Mookaite is a caring stone that helps to nourish and sustain you while you’re under a lot of stress. It provides tranquility and a sense of completeness. Mookaite assists us in making decisions, especially when we are experiencing difficulty. It promotes adaptability and aids in the acceptance of the change. Mookaite helps us to grow emotionally. It assists us in discovering all options in a scenario and selecting the best one.

Allow the youthful and bright energy of the Mookaite crystal to remind you that life never gets old when you are young at heart. We may be a little older elsewhere, but when it comes to reducing the aging process, the Mookaite crystal is unrivaled. Its medication restores an optimistic and young outlook on life by replacing old, harmful tendencies with a rejuvenated sense of self and an adventurous, ready-for-anything attitude. Use the Mookaite crystal’s earthy energies to remind yourself that you’re never too old to pursue new goals or dream new dreams. Hold on to Mookaite and stand before the enormous mystery of the cosmos as if you were a curious youngster on the verge of making great life and love discoveries.

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I take dedicated care of these crystals until they’re ready to find their new owners, ensuring they emanate the most positive of all the vibes. They bask in the light of every full moon and undergo regular cleansing rituals. I treat them all as my friends and I hold a deep affection for each and every one. I invest significant time and energy guarding them, carefully holding onto them until they reach your hands and you can spark your personal magick into them!

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