Sacred Rebels Oracle – Revised Edition: Guidance for Living a Unique and Authentic Life


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This stunning deck is dedicated to YOU You who wants to live your own unique, inspired life and share your life with the world as a sacred offering.


45 cards and 184-page guidebook set, packaged in a hard-cover box.

Sacred Rebels Oracle – Revised Edition: Guidance for Living a Unique and Authentic Life

Sacred Rebels is for those who are ready to celebrate and nurture their individuality. When you are a Sacred Rebel you want to be fully alive and express your authentic truths. You want to help heal the world, even when that means shaking things up. Sacred Rebels love life and refuse to believe that manifesting their dreams is impossible! Filled with striking imagery and beautiful heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred rebellious heart, so that you will trust in your own uniqueness and authenticity, and honour your creative power.

45 cards with a new borderless design and 184-page guidebook.

Alana Fairchild: When my publisher suggested that I add another card message to this best-selling oracle deck, I recognised the spirit of the Sacred Rebels Oracle at play. When writing this deck, I never felt like I was in control of it. It was always guiding and provoking me in the most unexpected and creative way. The new edition with additional card has been created to honour that unconventional and untameable Sacred Rebel Spirit.

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