Tabula Mortem Spirit Board + Free Clear Quartz


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Open the gates to unseen worlds and communicate with the shadows.

I feel like I would like to include a Clear Quartz with this board!

Size: Board measures 16” x 16”; Box measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″

Author: Judas Knight and Jerome VanDyke
Artist: Marianne Palmer
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Tabula Mortem Spirit Board Free Clear Quartz

Tabula Mortem follows in the tradition of spirit boards yet offers a new approach for establishing contact with the spirit realm. The attractively designed board taps into elemental energy and communicates through a system of ancient symbolic cave runes. The unique planchette can also be used as a pendulum. The 84-page Tabula Mortem guidebook explores the history and mystique of ‘talking boards’ and provides instructions for working with this fascinating device.

Tabula Mortem is Latin and roughly translates to mean “Board of the Dead” the classic spirit board has been completely redesigned to help awaken anyone’s psychic abilities and place communication with the spirit world at your fingertips.

This beautifully illustrated board has a dark feel that beckons the user out of their everyday world and into a shadowy realm of magic. The strange symbols and glittering skulls arranged in a magic circle convey a feeling of dark power that can entrance the user, while the Veve of Papa Legba in the center lets them know immediately that they stand at the crossroads where the spiritual world intersects that of everyday reality.

The Tabula Mortem is more than just a Spirit board to speak with the dead. It is a magical tool that can make contact with higher forces through a symbolic language as old as magic itself. Mastery of this board can give you the ability to contact ancestral spirits and guides to experience their wisdom firsthand. You can use the elemental symbols in the inner ring of the board to call up the very forces that govern our physical world. No matter what magical path you are on the Tabula Mortem can help you navigate it.

In practice you may find that the ancient symbols on the board transcends ordinary words and can be used to convey ideas about yourself and your connection to the universe. If you take the time to meditate upon the symbols the board directs you to, you may find that you are unlocking hidden wisdom within the depths of your own soul that can lead to a personal transformation.

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One of the strengths of this board is its use as a psychological tool. The use of a pendulum allows for one’s own subconscious to interact more freely. The cave symbols while steeped in powerful magic also invite personal interpretation, the point here being not what the symbol means to others but what does it mean to you and more importantly why.

The versatility of this board helps it to break free from the limitations of past spirit boards and make itself more useful to those seeking spiritual guidance. The Tabula Mortem comes with a planchette much like traditional board but with the ability to be used as a pendulum. In this way you can use the board alone or with others simply by changing your approach. If you are looking for a spiritual tool that is beautiful, versatile and powerful then step into this circle of symbols and see what awaits you at the crossroads.


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