The Wheel of Segais – Living Treefully – NZ Author Pamela Meeking-Stewart


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Living Treefully is a book for any person, organisation, group, team or relationship that has ever asked the question, ‘Where next?’ – a system for managing change and ‘living treefully’ in the seasonal way that trees do.

The Wheel of Segais – Living Treefully – NZ Author Pamela Meeking-Stewart

It can help to guide you and provide insight, no matter where you are in the journey of your life right now. When you are starting a new endeavour, just like the tree you will begin in Winter with planting the seed of what it is you wish to harvest. Alternatively, when you are stuck in a rut, instead of trying to jump to a solution you can take a moment to ask where you are in the cycle of the seasons at this moment. Winter/Seeding? Spring/Emergence? Summer/Maturation? Autumn/Manifestation?

Journey around The Wheel of Segais

The Druids, as with other ancient cultures, used their observations and understanding of the planting cycle and the cycle of the seasons to offer wise counsel on the order of all things.

WINTER – the time of SEEDING, of Potential and Possibility, of Beginnings. The seed beneath the Winter soil is excited by the spark of life, promising what is to come.

SPRING – the time of EMERGENCE.  The passion for growth is nurtured by the warming Spring rain.

SUMMER – the time of MATURATION. Under the harsh glare of the Summer sun, the plant’s abundance requires some discipline and structure, laterals are pinched out and a trellis is erected, to ensure the best possible harvest (outcome).

AUTUMN – the time of MANIFESTATION.  A time of completion, of Harvest. A time of satisfaction and reflection.

And the cycle goes on. We can choose DECAY or GENESIS, an ending or the planting of a new Seed.

The Wheel of Segais – Living Treefully describes this seasonal cycle as a vitally important process and an invaluable tool that you can start using any time. Journey around The Wheel of Segais, delve into the wisdom pool and the quadrants of the four seasons. See how others have benefitted from ‘living treefully’ in the personal stories told throughout the book and try out the exercises offered at the end of each segmen

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