Wild Woman Oracle: Awaken Your True, Free and Soulful Self


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The essence of the Wild Woman Oracle is feminine, dark, witchy, wise, mystical, spiritual, whimsical, authentic, educational, and empowering. The essence feels like the Dark Feminine which is loving and compassionate, yet honest, direct, and powerful. Through mythological, folkloric and contemporary tales about empowering female figures who embody the Wild Woman in their own unique ways, The Wild Woman Oracle will awaken you to your true, free and soulful Self. These Wild Women’s stories – the losses, victories, and lessons learned – will help you begin to rewrite your own story. You will see how all your life experiences – especially the difficult, dark and uncertain ones – are alchemizing into gold … into the invaluable wisdom, fierce self-respect and keen joie de vivre of the Wild Woman.

Wild Woman Oracle: Awaken Your True, Free and Soulful Self

About the Author:
Cheyenne Zarate is a pen and ink artist from Toronto, Canada, who is of Chilean, Ukrainian and Scottish descent. At the age of four, she discovered her passion for drawing and began spending hours every day recreating her favourite characters from books, movies and myths, and bringing the images floating around in her imagination to life on paper.

She graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish, then went on to complete a Bachelor of Education at Toronto’s York University in order to become a teacher. Although in many ways she loved teaching in the classroom, after a few years as a full-time elementary school teacher, Cheyenne went through a spiritual awakening and felt her soul calling her onto a different path – a path that was more in alignment with her inner child, who would love to draw her days away lost in the world of nature, mythology and magic.
Today, accompanied by her two cats, Carlos and Lily, Cheyenne again spends much of her time learning, drawing and writing about figures from ancient mythology, folklore and the modern world – particularly, empowering Feminine figures whose stories she sees herself and all women embodied within. Through her artwork and written retellings and analyses, her newfound purpose is to inspire and help all people – especially women – to reconnect with their innate wild Feminine nature in order to live in alignment with their authentic Truth.

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