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Smuding Wood and Sage just delivered!

I have been waiting to get my hands on some of this wood for ages! It is such an interesting product. It is called Palo Santo and it smells delicious, it completely reminds me of Clove Cigarettes and Poppy Z Brite if I am going to be personal and honest. I read some reports on the different scents that it has before I got it, for instance… bright, sweet, piney, lemony, woodsy and I have to agree. The most unexpected one is definitely the CITRUS parts. It really is divine. I now know why people go crazy for it!

The supplier that I buy this wood from provided this information, and as always I source my products from ethically sound places so this is exactly what I wanted to hear: These sticks are sourced from Palo Santo from Peru. It is sustainably harvested only from naturally fallen branches. Peru has strict regulations to ensure the sustainability of the supply. Neighbouring countries don’t offer such protections, so to ensure you are recieving ethically sourced Palo Santo, it’s important to know it’s from Peru. All Palo Santo is effectively organic – but none is certified as it is all from wild forests…

TIP: If you are like me and kind of expect them to literally burn like incense then you are welcome for me telling you not to expect that at all! They do go out fairly quickly, and a lit candle nearby is definitely a great idea to get it going. Another thing I discovered is that a stick is going to last a LONG time. It doesn’t just burn away into nothing straight away. I have found it does get easier to light as time goes on, and quite a nice part of it is that I have kind of felt like I have a bit of a connection with mine. Because it isn’t just a throw away thing, I can keep coming back to it with different intention and it burns away and changes a bit every time. Maybe a bit weird, but in the grand scheme of things definitely not the weirdest thing that I think about haha.

I will add a free sample in with any orders for the next little while as a thank you for shopping with me!

Palo Santo translated means “holy wood”

These White Sage sticks are great too. Where would be be without one of these on hand? They are kind of the staple for our kind aren’t they? Back in the olden days, when we were allowed to visit each others houses (I mean pre covid not 4500 years ago) if this is the smell you are greeted with you will more often than not have some great conversations.

And again, exactly what I want to hear from my supplier:

Our sage is sourced from California where it is sustainably harvested as part of a social enterprise to re-engage first nation people in meaningful employment with cultural significance.

All sage is collected on private land with a portion of profits going back to landowners.

This practice that originated in antiquity, has since been practiced by many cultures. The Celts had a practice of “saining” that involved sprinkling water from a river or a stream, combined with burning juniper to bless and protect, or consecrate a home or person. Palo Santo wood is still used by Amazonian tribes for healing and in shamanic rituals. The tree is in the same family, Burseraceae, as the Boswellia sacra, that is the source of frankincense. Catholics are familiar with the scents of burning frankincense and myrrh in church, a practice that dates back to the Old Testament (Exodus 30:1-10).