What three qualities or characteristics do my soulmate possess?
What will be my first impression of them be? _ Them of me?
What things from my previous relationship should I let go of so I can be more open to attracting my soulmate?
What should I expect from meeting my soulmate, what will it be like?
Where will my soulmate and I meet?
What qualities or characteristics do we share?
What does our future look like together?
What should I do before I meet my soulmate?
Time frame of meeting.
Is there anything I can do to speed up this meeting?
Describe a past life relationship we had.
Describe your soul contract.

What would you do if nobody else mattered. What would change in your world. What can you do to bring this into reality

Let go. Know. Grow

What pulls you back – What pushes you forward – Where do you want to end up

What do keep asking the universe for that doesn’t serve you. Why do you keep doing it. How can you reframe your question to serve you

What part of me needs to continue to rest, what part of me needs to wake up

How can I refocus my energy right now? What still needs attention? What can I let go?

Why I think I’m overwhelmed, the actual reason I am overwhelmed, the truth I need to hear

What Unites You. What Divides You. What to Focus On

What You Have – What You Want – How to Get There

Calling. Doubts. Actions

Source of Inspiration / How to Channel It / Potential Outcome

What’s Blocking Creativity / Habit to Release / Habit to Cultivate

Past / Present / Future

What will help you / What will hinder you / What is your unrealised potential

The nature of your problem / The cause / The solution

Current situation / Obstacle / Advice

Situation / Action / Outcome

Context of the situation / Where you need to focus / Outcome

What I think about the situation / What I feel / What I do

Where you stand now / What you aspire to / How to get there

What you aspire to / What is standing in your way / How you can overcome this

What you can change / What you can’t change / What you may not be aware of

What worked well / What didn’t work well / Key learnings

You / The relationship / The other person

What you want from the relationship / What they want from the relationship / Where the relationship is heading

What brings you together / What pulls you apart / What needs your attention

Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice

Opportunities / Challenges / Outcome

Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

Option 1 / Option 2 / What you need to know to make a decision

The solution / An alternative solution / How to choose

Mind / Body / Spirit

Your conscious mind / Your sub-conscious mind / Your super-conscious mind

Material state / Emotional state / Spiritual state

You / Your current path / Your potential

Stop / Start / Continue

What the Universe wants you to be / The personal qualities required / Specific action required

Tell me something that is true and something that is not


The Mountain Path Spread

1. To Find a Trail or Forge One: follow others’ examples or not?

2. Machete: How to move obstacles on your journey.

3. Shelter: What to remember when times are tough.

4. Forked Road: Which way to go

5. Summit: What you need to remember when you succeed.

6. Descent: What’s next

A message for today

What should I be aware of? What can I grow from? Where should I put my energy?

What am I here to bring into the world? What is the most relevant lesson I can grow from, right now? Where should I put my energy?

What is at the core of what I love to do? What is in the way of me doing more of what I love? What should I be aware of for the most aligned opportunities?

Moving through triggered moments: What is the core of the trigger? What can I do about it? What does the vision of wholeness look like?

Decision-making: What does my mind choose? What does my heart sing? What does my body feel?


Card 1: What can I do to accelerate what I wish to manifest?

Card 2: What can I let go of to create space for this manifestation? Card 3: What is the theme to be aware of for the most aligned opportunities?

Bringing in love

Card 1: How can I open my heart?

Card 2: What is blocking my heart?

Card 3: What current lesson will expand my heart?


Card I: What is bringing me out of wholeness? Card 2: What can do to bring in more life-force energy and encourage swifter healing?

Card 3: What vision can hold to remind me of wholeness and health? (Here, consider the energy flow, character and colours of the card image)

Your most magical self

Card 1: What are the best tools for connecting to the Divine? Card 2: Show me some insight into my spirit guides?

Card 3: What can I do to experience more magic in every moment?

Aura insights and clearing

Card 1: What is the most prominent theme for clearing my energy or body right now?

Card 2: What colours are my aura? Refer to the chakra cards to navigate the meaning of the predominant colours of the card you picked?

Card 3: What theme can best inspire me to keep my energy clear?

Beginning, Middle, End

Mind, Body, Soul

Past, Present, Future

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Three Choices

Yes, No, Maybe

Birth, Life, Death

Childhood, Adolescence,Adulthood

Unconscious, Conscious, Super-Conscious

Idea, Manifestation, Process

Person, Place, Object

Desire, Conflict, Resolution

Illusion, Disillusionment, New Understanding

Idea, Knowledge, Action

Mother, Father, Child

One Extreme, Its Opposite, The Golden Mean

Best Case Scenario, Worst Case Scenario, Probable Outcome

Attraction, Union, Creation

Action, Reaction, Outcome

External Obstacle, Internal Obstacle, Goal

Self, Partner, Family

Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph

Greatest Strength, Greatest Weakness, Driving Passion

Desire, Obstacle, Resolution

Conflict’s Nature, Conflict’s Source, Next Step

The Beast, The Mob, The Guardian Angel

Family, Friends, Self

Problem, First Step Towards Solution, Ultimate Resolution

Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light (I.E. Don’t Do It, Do It, Take

Conception, Pregnancy, Birth

Past Self, Present Self, Future Self

Crisis, Source of Crisis, Conclusion

Passion, Reason, Imagination

Knowledge, Deceit, Revelation

Drive, Direction, Destination

Enemies, Traitors, Allies

Real Issue, Next Action, Ultimate Destination

Lies, Hidden Truth, Truth

Self-Deception, Deception byOthers, First Step to Finding theTruth

False Issue, Real Issue, Your RoleIn It

Cause of Despair, HiddenStrength, Path to Victory

Two Possible Outcomes from A Change – Change, Outcome 1,Outcome 2

Pain, Healing Action, PositivePossibility

Pain, Destructive Action,Negative Possibility

Selfish Action, Consequences for Others, Possible Reconciliation

Person 1, Person 2, The Nature of Their Relationship

Gratitude Spread: Abundance,Sources of Love, Silver Linings

Emotion, Source of Emotion,Next Action

Fear, Current Response, Bette rResponse

Action, Feeling, Thought

Symbol, Principle, Fact

Beauty, Truth, Knowledge (In A Situation, A Person, Etc.)

Nature, Nurture, Culture

Good, Evil, Reality

Self, Family, Tribe

Abiding Passion, Obstacle to This Passion, A Way Around It

The Future In: A Week, A Year, Five Years

Work, Love, Leisure

Hidden Strength, Hidden Shortcoming, Hidden Opportunity

What’s Needed, What’s Wanted, What Differentiates Them

Safety, Danger, Illusion

Outer Conflict, Inner Conflict, Their Relationship

Hidden Desire, Its Manifestation ,Its Consequences

Need, Hidden Need, Action

Your Story, Their Story, How It Looks to Outsiders

Dream, Nightmare, Waking Life

Trauma and Two “Incorrect” Or Shameful Consequences

Trauma, And Two Paths to Healing

Logic, Emotion, Intuition

Personal, Social, Political

A Course of Action, Best Outcome, Worst Outcome

Conception, Growth, Birth (of an Idea, Business, Etc.)

Approaches: Optimistic,Pessimistic, Practical

Meaninglessness, Order,Meaning

Male, Female, Androgynous (or Union of Both)

Body, Soul, Mind

Hell, Earth, Heaven

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

Situation, Attitude, Next Action

Morning, Day, Evening

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

What You Should Do, What You Will Do, What You Can Do Instead

Attraction, Repulsion, Indifference

Three Possibilities

Three Hidden Talents

Identity, Community, Purpose

Idea, Reality, Potential

Hate, Need, Love

What, Where, Why

What, Where, How

What’s Apparent, What’s Hidden, What Will Be Revealed

Triumph, Fall, Epiphany

Needs, Wants, Fears

Hidden Talent, Obvious Talent,Secret Talent

What’s Practical, What’s Fantastical, What’s Possible

Creation, Care, Destruction

Birth, Death, Rebirth

Peace, Love, Understanding

Which people do I get on with best? / What personality traits of myself do I recoginse in others? / What is a thought pattern or behaviour I am bored with repeating? / What is a belief system I am out growing? / Deep down what do I truly care about?